About Us

By definition. An "Archipelago" is a chain or a cluster of islands. There are many different types of Archipelagos all over the world but one in particular has always captured our attention. Hugging the Overseas Highway in Florida for roughly 120 miles lies the Florida Keys. The Keys offers a generous bounty of resources to all who visit ranging from world class fishing, diving, ecological activities, and not to mention jaw dropping sunsets. It wouldn't take long to find a friend or family member that hasn't been there and for many its not a question of "if" you've been there its a question of when are you going back.

 One of ArchipelaGear's goals is to create designs that represent and showcase everything we love about this unique place whether it be a sunset, a personal or tournament best Mahi or maybe that breathtaking dive at Molasses reef. The other goal is to give back to a place that has always given to all who visit.  ArchipelaGear pledges to donate a portion of proceeds of every sale to any of the many local non-profit organizations that are helping to keep the Keys' fragile ecosystem in balance. Hopefully we can make an impact while helping our customers make an easy clothing selection for the day.